Saturday, May 31, 2003

Today is supposed to be Saturday, but my days are all out of wack. Probably because my days off are Monday and Tuesday and that's my "weekend."

Been cleaning cabins for the past couple days. Today we spent two hours on one cabin doing a "donor clean": this means the people who shelled out thousands of dollars to build or renovate the cabin are coming to stay. Everything must be spotless. The donors even get fruit baskets (but that's not our department). I got to drive our beast of a van both yesterday and today. Luckily, I didn't drive into any ditches. Did back over a rock though.... Tomorrow is supposed to be busy; something like 70 cabins must be cleaned. and probably the same number of lodge rooms.

My third roommate arrived on Tuesday from AZ. Name's Tony. Cool guy. Have seen him more than Josh, my other roommate who has been here as long as I have.

Went to Mass tonight and took Tony with me. I found two other Catholics who work in housekeeping; they're starting to surface. For a while, I thought I was the only one out here. Our Lady of the Mountains was built in 1949, a quaint log and stone chapel nestled on a hill in Estes Park, with a BVM grotto out front and Stations of the Cross that meander through the trees. Talked to the priest after Mass and told him I could lector and whatnot. He hoped I could lead the assembly in song cause we need a cantor for 6:00 Saturday Mass, but I told him singing was not one of my many talents.

Hope to go hiking on my day off Monday and may go into Loveland or Ft. Collins on Tuesday when some of my new friends have the day off.