Friday, August 08, 2003

Had dinner with Steve, Cindee, Al, and Rusty Hays last night. Went to Village Pizza. It was very good food. Maybe we should have gone there when the family sans Brother was here. Sorry, Sarah.

Afterward we went to "Thursday Night Live" at the new performance park at the end of Elkhorn. The performer was Mark Hofgard. His music is inspired by nature and kinda New Age-y, along the lines of Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller. Hofgard is a neighbor of Al and Rusty in the RV park. Next week is the Estes Park Village Band, a mix of marches and contempary music. I think I'll go.

We've been getting a lot of much-needed rain the past couple of days. It was just storming here--sprinkling now--and continuous thunder rolls, the kind that clap loud and long and then linger with rumbles. It hailed some, too (And since you're wondering, Mom and Dad, I haven't checked my car for dents, yet). Thanks to all the percipitation, the fire danger is at Moderate, though a fire ban is still in place.

I meant to send Brother a birthday postcard on Wednesday, but I forgot. All the same, somebody at home tell him I love him more than he loves me.

More later.