Thursday, February 26, 2004

Big ups to my roommate Luke for being written in during student govenment elections as ROTH senator for next year. Too bad he'll be studying in Australia and then student teaching. It's for the best though; knowing him, he would go mad with power.

Interesting side note: Corey knows all the words to the Lebeda Mattress jingle, including verses.

I'm a team member for St. Stephen's Antioch retreat which we are having this weekend at a camp in Eldora. It's a retreat for students who have never made a college retreat and want to grow in their relationship with God through talks, prayer, reflection, and community. I'm giving a talk about how I try to live a Christian life, something I've never done before (giving a 20 minute talk about my faith to strangers, not living a Christian life, though some might argue that).

If you could send up some prayers, that'd be great.