Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Mad props to my roommate Corey who is now recording his fasinating life on Xanga, thanks to the gentle urging from my other roommate Luke.

Right, so this week's Sunday Dinner.... I arrived at about 9:30 with some groceries and went directly to the kitchen where Nick says to me, "Did you see who's in the living room? It's the vampire professor!"

Matt cooked dinner and had invited the professor he had had for a English class in which they discussed the vampire literature genre. This was the first time a professor had been invited to or attended Sunday Dinner in its year and a half history. Things might not have been so awkward for everyone there had we all had the professor for a class, but not everyone had.

I say "not everyone" because I know the professor as "Dr. Oscar Wilde." I had a class with him three years ago where the focus was Wilde's life and work. At the time, I thought the professor to be quite a dandy himself. Suspicions were confirmed when he had the hots for my gay roommate sophomore year (according to my roommate, that is; however, the feelings were not mutual). Ain't life something?

Let us never speak of it again.