Friday, July 23, 2004

Happy birthday, Mom.

Have the day off. Just checking email and will run a few errands later on. I could do some cleaning up around the house as well.

Ms. Caroline McSorley and Tony came up to visit last weekend. Lindsay, Carissa, and I went out to dinner with them, and then we treated them to a movie. We had a great time; lots of laughs.

Interesting episode at the movie: We saw I, Robot, a cautionary tale that touches upon the effects of human reliance on technology in that ridiculous, blown-out-of-proportion, Hollywood way. It was an hour and a half of robots rebelling against their masters. Then seconds after the end credits begin to roll, some guy in the back says "I just finished watching a movie" into his cell phone. Talk about a social commentary.

So, yeah, that's the excitement here.