Friday, May 20, 2005

Here I am with a stopover in the Oak between cross-country trips. Returned safely from Cleveland on Monday after an exciting weekend in the big city and will be departing for Estes Park Sunday afternoon.

Picked up Bridget and Emmy on Friday morning and then they drove me the rest of the way to Ohio. It was rainy on Saturday, but that didn't stop us from getting the Brehms onto public transportation for their first time. Peroused the Cleveland Museum of Art and downtown.
Sunday we went to Our Lady of Fatima for a two hour African-American Mass where we sung every five minutes, including rapping the Creed. Had a potluck with the Missionary Cenacle Volunteers and later ice cream at Malley's for dessert.

Shawn, Tonia's boss, took us out to breakfast Monday after daily Mass, then we headed home. I swear Bridget got us through Indiana in an hour. Spent some time with the whole clan after we arrived at the Brehm homestead: Phil, Bridget, Emmy, Grace, Nan, Robin, Terry, Bernadette, Tess, and the parents.

Had the Last Supper Tuesday night with ex-roommates Katie and Corey, and then got to see Corey's new A-P-T. Packed every crevice of the Malibu yesterday while dodging raindrops. Then while unpacking it today I split my pants.

Pictures to come. I'd forgotten how painful slow 56K is.

Get me to the mountains.