Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The middle school cheerleaders have arrived. They spent a good half hour yesterday cheering, "DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!" and screaming. One of the many blessings of living on Y grounds.

Went to my first rodeo last Thursday with a bunch of Southerners. It was a good time. By far the greatest event was mutton busting, where little kids cling to the backs of sheep as they shoot across the arena. Good times, good times.

Was also very ecumenical this weekend. Went to the Rock on Saturday night, which was a nice service. Sunday night went with Mazvita (pronounced mah-GEE-ta) to Moraine Campground in the Park to hear roommate David's message at the ACMNP service. There were nearly 20 people there, and Dave-o's message was good.

But the best news of all is that I finally got my birthday present from Housekeeping Tina on Sunday. She handed me a Chinese takeout container decorated with birthday cake and candles, and according to Mazvita, the look on my face when I opened it was priceless.

I pulled out a necklace with a stone and two dolphins dangling from the end, tails and snouts touching, backs arching to form a kind of heart. "It's for your spiritual health," Tina told me. "The hematite is for healing. My mom was a hippy so I grew up on this stuff." It turns out the that the silver dolpins helps with grounding, and the copper connections will align my lower chakras.

"They're dolphins," I said. "I should tell you that I'm a man, Tina." She went on to explain that her bodybuilding brother wears a dolphin necklace, but that didn't do much in the way of persuasion.

It was nice of her to get me a gift, but I think I'll stick to wearing my Miraculous Medal, which, unfortunately, is not endowed with magical healing powers.