Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well, long time, no see.

Sitting in the Y laundromat (where I get my laundry done for free) and finally have the chance to write.

Had lots of laughs at work today. Too bad it was Patrick's last day.

Ash checked me out of Howard this afternoon after work. Something of a formality since I've been staying at my place since Tuesday. Not quite settled in yet, but working on it. Met my landlady, who lives in the main part of the house, the other day. She had a brain aneurism about a year ago, and though she can walk and drive, her speech is still a bit incoherent.

I feel that--in the spirit of The Olive Pit, The Bitch Barn, and various other houses in CF--my apartment needs a name. I will have pictures posted in a couple days, after the place is cleaned up enough the take pictures. Then once you see what it looks like, maybe you can help.