Saturday, February 25, 2006

Me to Bode Miller: Shut Your Damn Mouth

There a few US Olympians who need to get over themselves--alpine skier Julia Mancuso and her tiara, and snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis showing off and losing the gold are two that come to mind. But nobody needs a healthy dose of humility like Bode Miller.

I am sick of his pompous Nike commercials. I am tired of the hyped coverage he's received prior to and throughout the Games.

After screwing up his fifth race, he told the AP that his quality of life was the highest priority and he had was there to have fun and "enjoy the Olympic experience." Apparently "the Olympic experience" does not include any serious attempt at a medal but is instead the party scene.

You want someone who truly embodies the Olympic spirit? Speed skater Kimberly Derrick was accompanied to Turin by six family members, including her grandfather, who died yesterday. Even so, she got on the ice tonight for the 1000m preliminary round.

She didn't qualify for the finals, but it wasn't because she was showing off or drunk; it was because she was grief stricken. And it was obvious that she wasn't competing solely for herself.

That's the kind of Olympian I want representing America.