Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wonder and Awe of the Lord

What a beautiful day in the mountains. I'm going to take a short hike this afternoon.

I took the day off because Archbishop Chaput was at Our Lady for Confirmation this morning. Twenty-one teens and adults were sealed with the Holy Spirit. During the Mass, my emotions swung wildly from tears to rage and everything in between.

I usually get choked up during these great sacramental milestones--today was no exception--and I was keenly aware of the Lord's presence after receiving Him in the Eucharist.

But alongside these sublime graces were also screaming children throughout the homily unchecked by parents, the elderly man with a hearing aid complaining in a loud voice and his wife shhh-ing him at the same volume, the woman next to me leaving after Communion. And don't forget the music.

We celebrated the great sacrament of Confirmation with our great Archbishop, but we didn't sing a single hymn to the Holy Spirit, not even Come Holy Ghost. Instead it was those great Catholic standards Gather Us In, Be Not Afraid, Here I Am Lord, and Sing to the Mountains, with a tambourine during the refrain.

I fucking hate tambourines.