Saturday, July 22, 2006

More Bullets

Lots of things since the last post:

  • We're in the planning stages of construction work in the Housekeeping Office. Within a couple months I will have my very own Lost and Found room. You must be as excited as I am.
  • Lacy and the Loaders had a fun-filled--albeit rainy--trip to Estes. I cooked dinner when they arrived on Saturday: Sunday we did the tourist thing, including a outstanding steak dinner at Hunter's Chop House; Monday we were hailed on in the Park and rained on during our hike to Alberta Falls; and Tuesday we went up Pole Hill to see the fireworks--they didn't expect the "hike," so I thought I was climbing Calvary to my death. Homemade ice cream made up for it, though.
  • The family just left today from a week's visit. I took an extra day off and we hiked Bridalveil Falls Monday and Timber Lake on the west side of the Park Tuesday. Wednesday we tried Chapin, Chiquita, and Ypsilon Mountains. We skipped Chapin to head onto Chiquita and Ypsilon, then on the way back the clouds rolled in and it started raining, then hailing on us. When we reached treeline, a lightning bolt struck in the valley no more than a mile to our north. We made it out drenched to the core and freezing cold but alive, thank God. And the visit was a great occation to eat: pork chops and Iowa sweet corn; T-bone steak; homemade chocolate ice cream; and Village Pizza. Mmm....
  • David, my roommate from last summer, may be coming out for a visit this week, but haven't received confirmation yet.
  • Reservations for the remaining summer months are still being accepted.
  • I'm working out a very quick trip to Fort Dodge the first weekend of August for Grandma Anderson's 90th birthday party.
  • Mary Lou, who had been a Housekeeping crew leader in the past but moved to a different Y department last December, has returned to us today. We now have a full crew leader roster, no vacancies.
  • And sad news: we received word that a Housekeeper from last summer and a great guy, Tyler Downing, was killed by a drunk driver this morning in Missouri. Pray for him and his family and friends:

    Come to his assistance, all you Saints of God! Meet him, you Angels of the Lord. Receive his soul, and present it to the Most High.

    Tyler, may Christ who called you, receive you; and may the Angels lead you into the bosom of Abraham.

    Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.