Monday, June 16, 2008

What Have I Done?

Perhaps this was all too hasty. I almost feel pressured into this facebook business. In fact, the final straw occurred during a phone call Friday night with friends and former roommates (or maybe former friends and roommates) Luke and Corey.
Me (to Corey): I'll give Luke a call before he leaves.

Luke (in the background, muffled): I'm not talking to him until he gets facebook!

Corey: Put on your hiking boots, walk through the woods, drive through the canyon and get to an internet connection and get a damn facebook!
These are exact quotes. So indeed it is obvious that I would have lost two friendships had I not "entered the twenty-first century."

It's gonna take a bit for me to figure this out. Especially since I don't have access to the internets at home. Yes, I am that backwards.