Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Imitates Art Far More Than Art Imitates Life

Recently, I've been using Netflix to catch up on The Office (we backwards mountain folk don't much keep up with the latest pop culture). I wasn't too impressed with the first season, but the show has gotten much better in the following seasons.

It reminds a lot of Arrested Development. Smart, quick, and hilarious. And yet at times it's also sad and poignant.

(Bear with me, I'm about to geek out here: I really wish that Jim and Pam weren't sleeping together. Now it has never been explicitly stated, but there is plenty circumstantial evidence to support. I suppose it'd be too much to ask that a network sitcom portray a couple in a chaste relationship. To me it just doesn't seem to fit the dynamic of their relationship, or even Jim's earnest pursuit of Pam. They need to hurry up and get married, and I would be much happier. And now that you have that thought in your head, we'll move on.)

I've also come to realize that the Estes Park Center/YMCA of the Rockies Housekeeping office is eerily similar to the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company's Scranton branch.

For instance, the second-season episode "Performance Review" features manager Michael playing for coworkers a voice mail from a love interest. Something akin to this happens far too often in my own office. Tina insists that I listen to voice mails (or read text messages) sent to her by her ex, Bob.

Rather than "That's what she said," I like to use the phrase "I don't want to hear about your sick fantasies." In fact, I've already gotten to use it twice today. First was when Tina didn't want to encroach on Dennis's responsibilities by "stepping on his toes;" I said that if she did, he'd probably be crippled for life, to which she responded, "How about I sit on your face and break your glasses?" The other time came after she suggested that I look like the GEICO caveman and that "if you took off all your clothes, I bet you'd be just as hairy as him."

Tina doesn't quite have as much energy as Michael Scott, unless we get into one of our ridiculous arguments. Then she draws from some hidden source of strength. Thursday we got into an fight about whether or not a stop sign is needed at a spot on the main road that has been reworked. Things got so heated that we left the office, got in her truck, and drove to the spot to solve the issue.

Also, like Andy, I sing all the time. And I'm in the process of orchestrating a prank on Mary Hughes, our Guest Services Director. She's sort of our Jan Levinson, but less crazy.

So essentially, I'm saying that we're highly efficient here in the Housekeeping office.