Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do I Smell Especially Papal Today?

I don't really know how concerned men are about hygiene and grooming; that's not a conversation I usually have with other guys. I myself try to keep reasonably clean and presentable.

My bathing habits have changed since moving to the mountains. Estes has lower humidity than Iowa. I don't usually sweat anymore while sitting motionless in the summer shade, so I don't find the need to bathe everyday. Every other day is regularly the norm, after I go for a run. Even so, cologne is a vital part of my daily routine.

I got a bottle of The Pope's Cologne in the mail the other day. It's a light, citrusy fragrance, perfect for summer. Tina was so--uh, we'll say enthralled--by it that she was sharing the scent with the housekeepers as they came in to the office at the end of the workday. Believe me, it smells much better on the skin than it does from the bottle.

This damn hippy-hair doesn't make grooming any easier. I'm going to get rid of it real soon. It looks too greasy on the days I don't wash it. (That and I keep shedding on the furniture.) Gail, my friend and personal hairstylist, suggested that I don't wash it for two or three days and see how it looks.

That reminded me of the summer in college when I didn't wash my hair at all. That was an interesting experiment. By the end of the three months, my head was like the proverbial duck's back. That was also one of the summers I worked at the hospital in Red Oak. It's possible my appearance made some patients more ill than they had been when first admitted.

Now I just need to rid myself of the nasty habit of picking at my beard. I would shave it off completely if I didn't have such a fat face. And if I had the time or ambition to shave every morning.