Friday, February 27, 2015

Back from Hiatus

When we last saw our hero, he was sleeping by day and working as a mild-mannered Guest Registration Manager by night. In the four intervening years, he changed jobs again, joined the church "choir," took up new interests in classic movies, old time radio and model trains, and was adopted by a local family as though he was a stray dog. (Still no wife; refer to previous sentence for explanation.)

However, despite having connected his little mountain home to the outside world via the internet, he also stopped blogging. Now he's looking to change that. Nothing drastic, mind you; he has a lot of dishes to wash and usually works too long at the office. But he's also written a couple new poems, taken a few field trips and tested some good cocktails, all of which he thought he might tell you about occasionally.

And he still rants like a ninety-year-old codger as much as ever, because somethings never change.