Thursday, June 05, 2003

I've been promoted at work. Unfortunately, this promotion is in no way compensated by a pay increase. I've been asked to be a driver for our cabin crews. This means no scrubbing of toilets, cleaning of kitchens, vacuuming of floors, or making of beds for me. I drive ahead of the crews and strip beds and bathrooms of linens and leave new linen bundles. Then when the crews are done in one cabin, I pick them up and drop them off somewhere else. Fairly easy. Actually, I probably won't be doing this every day, just on weekends. Was asked to drive since one original driver has a suspended license. Luckily, my (official) record is spotless.

Hikemaster's was postponed last night. It had been rainy most of the day and was snowing/sleeting in RMNP where we have the field sessions. It was cold today, too; maybe 50s but don't know for sure. And there was talk about snow this weekend, but the forecast may have changed. Such is life in the mountains, even in June.

Surprisingly, there are more people from IA here than I expected. At least two others from UNI and a lot from Drake. Had dinner tonight with a guy who lives across the hall who is from Drake and knows some of my friends from school. He's here for LT--that's Leadership Training, which is sponsored by GCM, Great Commission Ministries (don't worry; I hadn't heard of these acronyms before either). When he asked me if I had any spiritual basis in life and I told him yes and that I am Catholic, I could see "the change" come over him. Don't know exactly what it was--defensiveness, the chance to butt heads or convert, I don't know--but there was a change in his demeanor.

He told me that his dad had been Catholic until college when he became nondenominational. He wanted to know why I was still Catholic after growing up in the faith. So I told him how the Mass was a sense of comfort when I first went off to school, the community we have at St. Stephen's and so on. Nothing really theological. And I made sure to mention that I've studied the faith so that he'd know I wasn't a regular dummy Catholic. His only direct question about the faith about the "Apocrypha" in the Bible, and I answered the best I could.