Monday, June 09, 2003

Day off today and woke up at 7:30 to go on a hike. Went with Sara Sanderman and her roommate Tamara into RMNP and hiked up to Mills Lake. Not too long a hike, two miles one way and climbs no more than 1000ft in altitude. I think we were gone a total of four hours including all the time lazing on the rocks by the lake. There's still snow on a surprising amount of the trail. Sara is from Nebraska and was my friend Sarah Hay's roommate here last year.

Went hiking after work Friday night as well with two different ladies. Went to Alberta Falls which is on the same trail as Mills Lake. Didn't go much farther then because it was raining/sleeting/hailing and lightning to boot.

Yesterday was our busiest day of work to date. We had 80+ cabins and hundreds of lodge rooms to clean. I was drove--the first time since Thursday; Friday and Saturday I was cleaning again--and partnered with a navigator, Scott. We went ahead of our two crews and found empty cabins to strip and stock linens. Then after 3:00 break, a third crew was added to our responsibilities. When all the cabins were stripped, Scott and I went back and made beds for our crews. Worked until 5:45, but we got every last cabin and room clean.

In one cabin, the guests left all their food behind--pasta, tuna, chicken, chardonnay. Scott and I took what we wanted...had to leave the wine behind, though. We figured the guests had flown out and couldn't take the food home.

Day off tomorrow, too. Think I will go purchase up a pair of hiking boots now that I got my first hefty paycheck.