Friday, July 18, 2003

I'd posted on Tuesday, but it didn't actually post. I'm not happy; it was informative and highly witty.

The family is here, except for Brother, who does not love me enough to visit. Arrived on Sunday at Estes Park Campground, whick is at the end of the road past the Y. We hiked the Old Ute Trail East on Monday and the Loch/Timberline Falls/Lake of Glass/Sky Pond on Wednesday. They went into Estes yesterday as a break from hiking; don't know what they did today. Whatever it was, they did it in the rain this afternoon.

My UNI friends Josh and Ashley were here, too. Arrived Saturday afternoon, hiked Flattop on Sunday, Twin Sisters on Monday, and together we attempted Longs on Tuesday.

I'm not sure Josh can set or read a clock, God bless him. We'd planned on getting up at midnight to be on the trail by 1:00 to make it off the mountain before the impending thunderstorms. In reality, we woke up at 11:00 and got on the trail at midnight. Then a few miles in we came across a search and rescue team for acute altitude sickness. It had snowed up there on Sunday, and the rangers told us that there was snow at the Keyhole and it was a mess afterward.

So we just about made the Boulderfield before all the variables got to us--three hours of sleep, 40 degree temperature, wind, the snowy trail ahead--and we decided to turn back. It was not a total loss, though; I was able to hike halfway to the heavens with two good friends, which is still better than half the people here for the summer will do and more than most here for a day or a week. Besides, I'll be going back up in a couple of weeks, this time to the summit.

Had our busiest day so far last Saturday, working until 6:45. We cleaned up after the 2500 Lutherans, who weren't all that messy. Today was supposed to be very busy, but we were done by 4:00. They always lie to us about how much work we are supposed to have, then it turns out not to be that bad--except for last Saturday, of course. All this crying wolf gets a little annoying. Monday is supposed to be busy, too, and I'm scheduled to work.

Gotta go find the folks for a hearty camp stove-cooked meal. Hopefully they've dried off.

More later.