Thursday, July 10, 2003

How do you like the new color scheme? White was driving me crazy. This is much more earthly, like the dry dusty roads I drive daily here at the Y.

Today was about as boring as possible. There were only 20 cabins to clean, no lodge rooms, finished by noon. This is because we are inundated by a conference group of 2500, mostly teenagers. The group is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the title of the conference has something to do with fostering discipleship. I'm just hoping they're better behaved than the Fellowship of Christian Atheletes (see Friday, June 20, 2003 entry). We'll see when they check out on Saturday.

Was driving yesterday when my van ran out of gas. Obviously, I wasn't paying any attention to the gauge. I happened to be right in front of Housekeeping and we were more or less finished with the day's work so it was no big crisis. In retrospect, I'm probably the last person they should have driving the vans.

My family sans Brother will be arriving in Estes this Sunday after a college visit to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Why Sarah is considering going to school there, God only knows. I've told her that I hope she as a Catholic can tread the sea of Mormons.

Josh and Ashley, friends from UNI, will be arriving Saturday night. They'll be hiking Flattop Sunday as a primer for Longs on Monday (or Tuesday; haven't talked to Josh for a week). As far as I know, Longs is still technical past the Keyhole, so I'll need to find some gear for us. It will be an interesting week, juggling time with family and friends, hiking Longs and the others Mom has planned, and cleaning cabins. We'll see how it works.

I was looking in the mirror last night and for a split second I thought my hair made me look like Megatron from the cartoon, Transformers. I don't have a picture of myself (If you're ingenious, you might find an old one the web, though my hair isn't at all as long as it is now. But I won't post it here because it nearly makes people die from laughter) so you'll have to use you're imagination.

More later.