Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Well, I've been doing my research on LT, GCM, and The Rock. I had no idea of the close ties.

You can research their websites, too, if you like, (check out the statement of faith) but the gist of the story is a group from Ames, IA, came out to Ft. Collins, CO, ten or so years ago and started Summitview Community Church, and five years ago decided a "revolution in church" was needed and launched The Rock, a worship service that is meant for college students and young singles. I think this Saturday might be the night I finally check out The Rock....

In other religion related news, another Lutheran convention is here this week--FLY: Free Lutheran Youth. My roommate Josh is half working, half participating; today he lead a service project in town. He also showed me a brochure his Bible school was distributing, which includes a picture of him on the cover.

The Association Free Lutheran Bible School is a two year school located in the Twin Cities has only about 150 students and six faculty. When I mentioned that I was taking an Old Testament class this fall from my public university, he said that the class was probably going to be alright, since the OT is basically history.

I found this to be an interesting comment coming from a student at a Bible college. Without the Old Testament, the meaning of New would be deminished. The NT shows how Christ fulfilled the OT. I thought at Bible school they would teach that the OT is much more than "basically history." But then what do I know about the Bible? I'm Catholic. Maybe he just misspoke.

In non-religion related news, I hiked up Estes Cone this morning on my "unusual" day off (unsual because it is not my usual day off...). Made it back down before the rain came. It's a rough one, climbing without many switchbacks to the top, then scrambling up the false summit, then down a bit and back up the summit.

Gotta go trim my beard.

More later.