Friday, August 01, 2003

Another slow day in Housekeeping. This is due to the GMA conference--Praise in the Rockies--that has been here for the past week. The nights have been hopping though; they have had concerts in the Longhouse every evening. Tonight's is the last one and features Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.

Summer staff are starting the leave one at a time. The real exodus occurs two weeks from Saturday, when about 130 people will be checking out of staff housing. Two days after that and I'll be gone, too.

Here's a taste of what I have to look forward to when I return to life with roommates. I received an email from my "friend" and future roommate, Luke, in which he writes about a picture of him and several friends which appears in a new UNI publication:

I would just like to say that THERE IS NO MENTION OF SETH ANYWHERE, and this makes me VERY happy. There is however a lovely picture of Corey and Caroline looking at my Math for El Ed Teachers book in my room, AND courtney pointing something out on my computer. I find this pictures utterly hilarious. Anyways, besides the enormous news of seth not being mentioned anywhere, I am extending this invitation without my roommates consent. (way to start off the year, I know, I know.) I think it would be great fun if we all did something on saturday night on move in weekend. Like get together for a little cookout and just have some fun. Write me back, because I haven't heard from some of you in forever. Actually, Seth, don't email me. I hope you move out. Love- Luke
This is very unappropriate. I expected Luke would be trouble to live with, but I had no idea that the horror would begin even before we moved in. He also has a slanderous Xanga site which I do not recommend anyone read.

More later.