Tuesday, January 27, 2004

It snowed all day yesterday. I suppose we accumilated about four inches. As I was leaving the apartment last night, the snow was falling in big, fluffy flakes and the ground was sparkling in the moonlight. It was so serene, peaceful, glorious.

Got quite an interesting email yesterday afternoon. Out of the blue, my old friend Nathaniel Adkins writes me after finding my name on St. Stephen's website. I hadn't heard from him since he moved from RO to Knoxville, IA, back in middle school.

Attended a Spirituality and Prayer Workshop St. Stephen's held on Sunday afternoon. It opened with a personality inventory and how personality relates to prayer. Then there were break-out sessions including Rosary/Marian Prayers, Centering Prayer, and the four sessions I attended: Journaling Prayer, Liturgy of the Hours, Daily Examen, and Praying with Scripture. Mass and soup dinner followed and workshop concluded with Taize Prayer. It was well worth the time.

I am particularly impressed with journaling and different forms it can take. Liturgy of the Hours is also appealing. The juxtaposition of spontaneity and structure between the two prayers seem to have a nice, complimentary balance.