Saturday, January 24, 2004

It's the 31st anniversary of Roe v Wade. Say a rosary for life today.

Just found a hair from my former self. It's about ten inches long; hard to believe that two weeks ago my whole head was that length. Corey's computer screen saver flashes pictures from our Christmas party, and I can't stand to look at the ones with me, the hair is so gross. People are always asking if I like the change, if I like it short. I wouldn't have cut it had I not been ready for it to go.

I know how much you want a picture of the sexy new do, but I don't have one yet (hint, hint to Ninjas with digital cameras) so it will have to wait.

Week Two of school is passed. I'm regretting taking Capstone twice a week rather than the usual once a week. I've never had a class so excruciatingly boring that I've wanted to nap in it as badly as I do Capstone. Swapped Perspectives on Death and Dying for Nietzsche and Nihilism, so now most of my classes are jammed into Tuesday and Thursday. But that means I've got no night classes for the first time in a couple of semesters.

You'll also be interested to know that I am exercising once again. Getting up in the mornings and going to the WRC and the newly-relocated Healthbeat in the union. It was about damn time I restarted. So far I've been at it three weeks.

Off to enjoy the remainder of PHC.