Monday, February 23, 2004

Right, so instead of doing up homework, I thought I would update here. I've got my priorities.

It was an ordeal trying to e-file my taxes through the H&R Block website but finally got it working. I'll be receiving a $126 refund from the federal government. That will almost cover my shopping spree on Saturday. Luke, Corey, and I went to the mall and I bought up a pair of jeans, a few new tees and polos, and two great dress shirts for under $10 a piece. Good times, good times.

Caroline, the rockingest Ninga ever, came over to hang out on Saturday night. We hung out, watched a movie, and then went to Perkins. They just remodeled the place. The lighting's very bright, new booths, and gold harlequin wallpaper with purple window valances. It's pretty ugly. Plus they changed their menu a bit since I was last there (which was probably a year ago).

I cooked Sunday Dinner last night. I made an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms, followed by salad, chicken and bowtie pasta in a creamy white wine sauce, and baked apples and caramel sauce over ice cream for dessert. I made the caramel myself, but let it cook down too much while we were eating the main course so by the time dessert was served, the caramel hardened and was a bit like brittle. Not the desired effect.

Nick reminded me about the toast after the apples and ice cream had been served, and being quick-witted, I raised my glass and said, "Here's to one dessert per meal," a little jab at the horribly unbalanced menu of last week's dinner (see Wednesday, February 18, 2004). Matt had made a bland Mediterranean stew coupled with some kind of orange fluff-like side, and a whipped cream- and kiwi-topped meringue which smelled like rotten eggs because he didn't make it correctly. And to drink he froze Wild Vines quasi-wine as ice cubes and poured ginger ale over it, and the professor brought and served three bottles of champange.

So all in all, the menu was just a little too sugary for my taste. And everyone else at the table except for Matt, who has been known to eat entire cakes in an afternoon. Such a diet doesn't make sense for someone who claims to be a vegetarian. But then I guess you've got to find something with which to replace the delicious taste of meat.