Monday, March 15, 2004


Just flurries and it's not sticking to the roads, which makes me wonder why Sarah was let out of school at 9:30 this morning. A great start to spring break. I am jealous of Holly in Hawaii.

Brother surprised us by showing up yesterday afternoon. He had assumed he had to work this week so wasn't planning on coming home for his break. But he was wrong about the schedule so his roommate brought him home. So it's nice to see him for the first time in two months, and we were able to sit down to family dinner last night (I know you're wondering, Robbie; Dad made a roasting chicken, rice, and broccoli).

Leaving tropical Red Oak tomorrow afternoon to rendezvous with Tonia and Andy in Van Meter. We'll be helping at the Catholic Worker House in Des Moines till Thursday. After that, who knows how I'll spend the remainder of break. I've had the crazy notion to go to Milwaukee to cheer on UNI.

We'll see.