Sunday, March 28, 2004

Tonia called on Friday night and coaxed Corey and me to go out to play. She and Matt Volesky picked us up, and on our way to George Wyth State Park we came across the Panther Shuttle, UNI's campus bus. I joking suggested that we follow it to see where it went to park at night, and Tonia took me seriously.

We followed the bus north on 58 and took 218 east to 4th St. to a garage. Since we were now in Waterloo and near downtown, I suggested that we find The Grand Hotel so I could pick up an application. I had seen a job posting for front desk attendant on an online job board.

We drove around for a while until we found it. A bit of a misnomer; it was a little less than grand. The man behind the desk was arguing for 15 minutes with some customers about reservations for ajoining rooms, and then told me that they didn't need the help till May. But I've decided that they don't need my help, period.

The four of us ended up at George Wyth at 9:30. We played on the swings and playground and sat on the boat ramp. Good times, good times.

Had dinner at Texas Roadhouse last night with Brandon, April, and Nicholas J. Fredrick. Hadn't seen them lately. Brandon and April are in Illinois now, back yesterday for the job fair and wedding planning. That's why I hadn't seen them, but since Nick, Corey's former roommate, is still here at school there's no excuse for not seeing him lately. I'd forgotten how, uh, interesting the conversations can be when you put Brandon and Nick together.

Then Caroline came over last night and we bored her to death. Good times, good times.

Finished The Da Vinci Code Friday night. I will write a lengthy exposition on that topic soon to match this lengthy exposition.