Thursday, April 08, 2004

The masses have been clamoring for a new entry. Here you go; it's a bit of a rant.

I've decided that I spend far too much time watching TV. The interesting thing is that I don't really watch that much. But what I do watch--aside from the occasions I tune into EWTN--is a bunch of crap. Simpsons reruns, Queer Eye, American Idol, home improvement shows, and a few others.

What I'm really doing when I watch turn on the TV is procrastination. I'm avoiding the school work I need to do; I'm neglecting the leisure books I want to read or time I could be spending in prayer. It's also interesting that for a classy gent such as myself who hates "reality shows" for their mindless, voyeristic quality sure watches a lot of said programs. Thank God I broke myself of that dirty Real World habit.

I often wonder why it was so easy to go three months without television while at the Y last summer. I suppose living in the glory of the Rockies was the biggest factor; I could walk out the door and climb a mountain at whim. And it's amazing the amount of other truly fulfilling things I was able to do: I attended daily Mass on my days off; I read plenty of books; I went into Estes and sat on the Riverwalk or went to an outdoor concert with friends; I swung down to Boulder and wandered Pearl Street.

When I think about the amount of time I had last summer and everything I accomplished within that time coupled with the fact that I have easy access to a TV, I tend to agree with my future roommate, Nick, who is adamant in insisting that next year our house not have a television in the shared living space. It sucks the life out of me. You want the modern opiate of the people? Forget religion, it's television.

I'll be abstaining from TV for the next several days in order to celebrate the Easter Triduum more fully. Maybe it's something you could try, too.