Monday, May 17, 2004

Got up at 8:30 this morning for the first time in God knows when. Had to go into work to start cleaning up the construction mess to open the theaters this weekend, though I will be in RO to celebrate Sister's graduation. Same thing tomorrow.

Went to Scott and Lindsey's wedding on Saturday. It was a nice interfaith ceremony and afterward they left on a tandem bike (Lindsey had to hike up her dress). Good times, good times. They are a cute couple; very faith-filled. The reception had keg 1919 Root Beer, which made me happy. Also, there might be video of me dancing, a rarety akin to footage of Bigfoot and as equally disturbing.

I happened to hang out with one of Katie's current roommates, Liz, at the reception. She's a good kid. But Corey, Nick, and I have decided that she and the other girls need to get the hell out of our house so we can move in. Nick did some yard work there yesterday, mowing the backyard so we can use it for Sunday Dinner.

We've yet to meet Betsy, though Nick and I have already decided that we don't care for her name and will be rechristening her with something less old womany. Also, we're not sure whether the sixth roommate "Mary" is even alive. No one has heard from her. But that's fine with me because we can convert the sixth bedroom into the TV room, which was the focus of the Heated Roommate Discussion Number One between Nick, Katie, and myself last night. Corey, who joined us for dinner, did the wise thing and steered clear of argument.

I declare Nick and myself the winners.