Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, school's out and here I am at Nick, Lauren, and Ben's. Moved in partially Friday night, partially Saturday.

Spend quality time with Luke and Corey on Friday night reminiscing about the past year. Saturday I woke up to a squirrel crawling across the back of my neck. Then I went to the 2:00 commencement ceremony to see Tonia, Luke, and a few others receive fake diplomas. Afterward Josh Hanna and I had beers with Tonia and her family at the OP, and we ended up missing Lauren's graduation party at his aunt's. Went to Jess Blome's for a party that night, then back "home."

I went YMCA on the bathroom here yesterday. It took about an hour, but now it's clean enough to keep me from gagging while showering. Sunday dinner was out on the porch; we had pork chops, Rice-a-Roni, and margaritas. Interesting menu, but it tasted good.

Had my "second interview" for the College Square movie theaters this afternoon. It consisted of me and a group of four other people filling out "morality surveys" and then figuring out when we could come in for orientation. So now I have one job for the summer but would like to find another.

Off to read Sophie's World for leisure. Ah, the joys of vacation.