Thursday, May 20, 2004

Uh, yeah, so I've been spending a lot of money going out to eat lately. Partly because I hadn't been to the grocery store, partly because of socializing.

Nick, Heider, and I were hanging out on Tuesday night and then decided to go to Perkins at 3:00 in the morning. When we got there there was only one car in the parking lot and the place was deserted. Nick went in to check things out, but there were no employees to be found. It was a little erie so we ended up driving to Steak 'n' Shake in Waterloo. Good times, good times.

Called up Corey last night and went to Perkins to chat. It'd been awhile since we talked--probably since finals, which is unusual for us--so that was nice. And ended up spending a little more money.

Luckily I have a jorb that I'm going to in an hour that will supply me with an albeit measly income. Nick has suggested a second job as cook at the Pizza Hut he delivers for, which could be a possibility.

Note to Luke: I'm contemplating going to Jiva for a haircut this evening. They're having a downtown promotion due to the construction on Main, so it's possible that I could get something done inexpensively. We'll see. Hope you're not too disappointed that you won't be there with me....