Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sarah's graduation ceremony lasted exactly 45 minutes. It was very nice, and I got a little misty as some points even though I only knew a couple kids. But then that tends to happen to me with any sort of ritual or ceremony.

We had the open house in the church hall, and yesterday I helped decorate. Things certainly evolved in the four years since my open house. Mom had gone all out with streamers, helium balloons, the works. I just had a sign and plastic graduation cap candy dishes. I tell myself that the extra pomp is in celebration that Mom and Dad are finally getting rid of Sarah, too, not that they love her more than me (which is probably more plausible). Either way, through trial and error Dad and I learned the manly art of twisting and hanging streamers.

Grandma and the aunts, uncle, and cousins came down from Ft. Dodge. We got to have some good laughs in the short time they were here. Also got to talk to my old AP English teacher who is retiring this year. Good times, good times.

Best of all, I'll be taking home leftover BBQ pork sandwiches and won't have to buy groceries this week.