Monday, June 07, 2004

Don't panic. I am alive.

The house has been in a state of limbo--including no internet access; I'm at the union--since Nick and I moved in last Monday. He and I stayed up until 4:00 Tuesday morning clearing out everything from the Barn, after which we had a beer and went to breakfast at Hardee's.

Corey has moved in and is more settled after two days than I am after seven. Betsy will probably start moving things this week but won't be living here yet. And apparently Mary will be moving in August even though she has not spoken to anyone but Betsy.

The first Sunday Dinner went well. Things were a little different just because it was in the new house and Lauren, who is a regular, wasn't there. We'll get used to it, though. Can't wait until we set up the "backyard" and have dinner there.

Work at the movie theater I've had a good time working in the box office, but today I will be trained in concession and as usher. My roommate Katie and her sister Amanda both work there as well, and the other night we had a bitch session. We're not too keen on the 22 year old assistant manager, who is rude and curt not only with employees but also the customers. A great cry of rejoicing will rise when she leaves in July for student teaching in Europe.