Saturday, June 26, 2004

I woke up bright and early yesterday morning in order to help Fr. Mark move some things from St. Stephen's to Dubuque. We packed the U-Haul with furniture and headed east on HWY 20, stopping 15 north of Dubuque at his family's riverfront cabin at Finley's Landing to drop off his living room set before continuing on to the rectory at his new assignment, St. Joesph the Worker.

We made it back to CF around 3:00 with an hour to spare before I had to work, but just after getting onto HWY 58 south of town the U-Haul, a fine example of 1980s (possibily 70s) mechanical craftsmanship, decided to stop working. We pulled off to the shoulder and siphoned diesel from a road crew opposite us, but the problem wasn't that we ran out of gas (a situation I have dealt with before--see Thursday, July 10, 2003). I called home and Corey came to our rescue.

I was late for work. Not sure why I bothered going in, however; I was sent home an hour and a half later because no one was there to see movies. But then I don't blame them. It was a glorious day that belonged to fall rather than summer. It was perfect weather for Sturgis Falls, of which we partook in conjunction with the joyous celebration of roommate Katie's birth 21 year previous.