Friday, October 01, 2004

I was running around like a crazy person two hours ago to no avail trying to meet a noon deadline.

We wanted to get the Student Center in next week's Homecoming parade. This job was given to me as Community and Spiritual Life Peer Minister, which I immediately allowed to slip through the cracks. I got the time to check into details yesterday, only to discover that parade registration forms were due last Friday. Quick-witted fellow Peer W gave me the email of the co-chair of the Homecoming committee who said that we still might be able to enter if we submitted our registration form by noon today.

I didn't check my email until 11am.

So I had an hour to decide--by myself, without the imput of any of my Community Life committee members--whether we were going to have a walking entry, car/truck, or float and if I could secure one, if we were going to play music, or be judged, as well as fill out an information sheet for the parade's emcee. When I got everything together I ran over to the Union to find the Student Activities Office out to lunch. I did find somebody after I returned following my noon class. Now I'm just waiting for Connie Hansen to decide if she will allow us to enter before I can mobilize the troops.

Good times, good times.