Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Oh, hi.

Been at St. Stephen's too often the past couple days. I've got to figure out how to not be here as often and still fulfill my responsibilities (I say "here" because that's where I am right now. We really need to get the internet at the Olive Pit).

Fr. Ken is my mentor for the internship. He's just a baby priest of four years, but he's so insightful, so put together, so close to God that it's almost as though he's been ordained for decades. So it's a blessing to be working with him, especially since he really enjoys working with us college kids.

On top of this fun stuff, I'm also taking classes at the university (sometimes I and others forget that little detail). I'm really enjoying my class in Capoeira--Brazilian martial arts dance-fighting--doing cartwheels and kicks and such. Also excited to start a web design class in October.

Lately I've been contemplating purchasing up a cellular telephone. I have seven hundred people telling me that it's impossible to contact me, including Mom who wasn't expecting me to be home the last time called the Pit. But then maybe it's not so much a sign that I need a cell phone as it is a sign that I'm too busy. We'll have to see how this one works itself out.

Another side effect of my schedule is that I haven't been in touch with the family lately. Especially need to talk to the siblings via phone, if not in person, considering the fact I just read from Sarah's site that Mark was arrested this weekend in Iowa City.

Good times, good times.