Thursday, December 16, 2004

It is finished.

I'm really disappointed with my performance in classes this past semester. I didn't do near as well as I could or should have (shh, don't tell my parents). We'll have to wait till next week to see how things turned out. Hopefully, I'm grossly underestimating my work.

In nice, different, and unusual news, ex-roommate and friend Luke visited last weekend. I don't think I've had that much fun in a long, long time. Corey and I had a difficult time letting him leave Monday morning; we stood in the doorway and waved goodbye like pathetic old parents seeing off their grown-up son. But the three of us are such good friends that it's almost like family.

God, that was the sappiest crap I've ever written.

Speaking of goodbyes, I'm gearing up for tonight. I've been asked by 27 different people to hang out. Most of them are my friends who will be graduating on Saturday. Tis the season for goodbyes.

I'm helping Josh move this weekend, then I'll laze around the Olive Pit for a little bit. Thinking about returning to the Oak Monday or Tuesday for about a week. Should call the parents to let them know about my plans. Other than that, I'm done with school obligations, just have to get a present for the Christmas party tonight.

Sorry, I was born a ramblin' man. Okay, I'm done. And I found five dollars.