Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ex-roommate Luke will be arriving in CF tonight around 5ish. I won't return to the Olive Pit until 11pm, and we're not too sure that any other roommates will be around. But we never lock our doors so Luke has been informed to barge in and make himself at home.

This isn't exactly the most ideal weekend to have fun friends come and visit since next week is finals. I have two papers and my revised poetry portfolio due on Monday, all of which I have yet to start. We'll see how we work this out.

My last Aesthetics class is in ten minutes. We're discussing kitsch, things that claim to have aesthetic qualities but are really just tacky crap that elicits fuzzy emotions. Holland wants us to bring in an example of kitsch, and when I mentioned this to the roommates this morning, Mary gave me an Anne Geddes calendar. JACKPOT! Unfortunately, the calendar is too big to put in my backpack, so I have to walk around campus all day holding a giant wispy picture of sedated babies dressed in butterfly wings.

I am secure in my manhood.