Tuesday, January 11, 2005

There seems to be some catching up to do.

Briefly, my winter break since my last post:

Christmas night at a bar with lots of old high school friends (in responsible celebration of baby Jesus' birth); Old Market fun in Omaha (coming to the conclusion that Sarah Hays is the center of the universe); lunch with Hoffy, Tonia, and Mary in DM (and receiving a beautiful scarf crocheted by Tonia); New Year's retreat with the Priest in DBQ (in Mass with the Consecration at midnight); and a foot and a half of snow in CF (and realizing we don't own a shovel).

Now I'm in the Union computer lab. I think the Navigators are next door doing praise and worship; they're singing Days of Elijah.

Got out of class a little bit ago. This last semester shouldn't be too bad. One of the advantages of being in school forever is that sooner or later you get to know almost all the people in almost all your classes, and they tend to be almost all the same people.

Ballroom Dance should be fun, and I just found out that my Bio-Medical Ethics prof participates in professional ballroom dancing. Interesting.

Getting back into the swing of things at the Stephen's as well. I cleaned up and did some redecorating in the Peer office the end of last week. Now getting people geared up for the Jason Evert chastity talk at St. Pat's in two weeks and our own sex talk that following Thursday.

So much to do. Good thing I made my own planner at Copyworks to keep me organized.