Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I came here with something specific to say; however, it slipped away while I was logging in and such. Maybe if I ramble a bit, I'll stumble upon that lost tidbit.

I'm wasting time between classes that should be spent writing a response paper for this evening's Bio-Medical Ethics class. That will have to come together during the next intervening hour.

While conducting important philosophical research at the library last night, I happened to discover the etymology of the word pornography: depicting or refering to female prostitutes. Very telling history, if you ask me. But that's not the tidbit.

If any of my Y friends keep tabs on me here, I'll offically anounce that I'm strongly considering returning to Estes this summer after graduation. I received validation of this prospect from the parents (Dad, at least) over Christmas. This is different than an unequivocal statement of intent or certainty of action. I have yet to apply. I'm just announcing the possibility, like a politician who says he is considering running for president but not making a definitive statement.

That wasn't the tidbit either. But I'm out of time, so we'll have to see if it comes to me during Poetry Workshop. I'll write it down in the margins of a poem.