Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lately I've been praying over the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Like any good confirmed Catholic, I don't have them memorized, but thank God for the internet. They are:

right judgment
wonder and awe (or fear) of the Lord

I recognize that I've been graced with the gifts of reverence and fear of the Lord. But I could really use some more courage, not just in the sense of strength to resist or persevere difficulty, but especially in the sense of strength to stand up for what is right, true, and proper in the Faith and culture, and against what is wrong, irreverent, and misguided.

I happen to be facing this struggle in my internship, and if I get any good from the experience, I hope it is to strengthen my courage to fight the good fight.

Maybe not totally unrelated, the recent celebration of Valentine's Day comes as a teaching moment. I don't have a girlfriend, yet unlike many in my situation who dread the day, I feel that I must defend the holiday. Maybe even attempt to redeem it for those who do celebrate it.

Like most of the things in Western culture, Valentine's Day is markedly Catholic, but today you'd never know it. St. Valentine was a courageous priest and martyr for the Faith who married young Christian couples despite Roman persecution of the Church.

Where's this noble sacrifice and expression of true love in our Valentine's Day? I don't know; but I'm willing to stand up for St. Valentine.