Friday, February 11, 2005

Whew, Ash Wednesday has come and gone, and we're still standing. St. Stephen's had over a thousand people total come through the doors for all four services. Catholics come out of the woodwork at the beginning of Lent, but then we don't see them for the rest of the 40 days. So as people were leaving after getting ashes, Sr. Mary Lou smiled and said, "See you on Sunday!"

I'm most excited about getting exposition of the Blessed Sacrament going Wednesdays during Lent. Hopefully, people will take advantage of this special encounter with the Lord. Spread the word. I'm a little afraid that no one knows what to do during Eucharistic adoration, so I'm looking for resources, reading material, whatever, to help guide people's prayer. If anybody has suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

In non-Jesus-related news, Luke is coming back to CF tonight to nurse his broken car back to health. I've got to work until 8:00 so Corey will have to keep him busy, but I think we're going out to some classy establishment for drinks afterward.

Good times, good times.