Sunday, June 19, 2005

So, um, yeah.

I've had the room to myself for the past few days. David left Wednesday for his sister's wedding. He should be back sometime tonight. I took the opportunity to clean up the place a bit. And get a roll of toilet paper as he requested.

Today was busy, though we finished right about 4:30. Housekeeping Director Cowboy Brad told us this morning there were 80 cabins for us to clean, but very little lodge rooms. Not are of them were "have-to's"--cabins or rooms that guests check into the same day--but we're supposed to clean all checkouts that day.

This policy has never really made sense to me, since it means that some days, mostly weekends, we work late, and then there's barely any work for us to do other days.

Still I'm enjoying work. As I told Caroline, it's hard work, but I like it better than going to class, taking notes, and writing papers (though I never really ever did said activities in the past few years of school).

Talked to Mom and Dad yesterday and learned that they're putting most of their possessions (and possibly some of mine?) in the house on the auction block, including the bunk bed that Brother and I shared for most of our lives. Though they assured me otherwise, this sure looks like an overt attempt to keep us from ever returning home.

I told Tonia about this development. Her concern is the lack of accommodations for the Red Oak leg of the First Annual Southwest Iowa Bar Crawl.