Saturday, June 11, 2005

Went into the Park Thursday afternoon to see the improvements to Bear Lake Road and get on the trails. They reworked the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. It used to be a tiny parking lot in the curve of the road; now it's along the east side of the road about half a mile north from the orginal location. Lots more parking and space for the shuttle. Real nice.

I hiked up to Alberta Falls and then back to go around Bear Lake. I was testing out my camera and took lots of pictures of the snow capped mountains shrouded in clouds. I'll need to figure out a way to get them posted soon.

It rained again most of day yesterday, so I'm pretty glad that I worked overtime on my day off. Roommate David has been sick for about a week and we lounged around last night. Today, on the other hand, has been glorious: giant white clouds over the mountains, with a gentle breeze, and it's somewhere around 60 degrees.

Talked to Nennig Thursday morning after Mass about a friend of a friend who'd dabbled in witchcraft in high school and is now afraid she's being followed by demons. Then at lunch today, the people at my table started discussing demons. It was a different conversation coming from a Protestant perspective, but the proximity to my previous conversation is a little uncanny.

And speaking of interesting/quasi-Jesus related topics, a memo about the Rock was posted on our door today, which reads:
Saturday nights this summer--come experience the Rock at Hyde Chapel. The Rock is a weekly gathering for life--thought, worship-experience, and culture-fusion in a spiritual setting. Distinctly designed from a Christ-follower's perspective--but wide open to those who don't see it that way--the Rock is the beginning of a conversation about what is Real, bracketed in story and played with a soundtrack.
Can anyone decipher this? I've had a few people from Housekeeping ask me if I'm coming. I tell them I've got to go to town for Mass and won't be back in time. What I don't say is that I have to go to worship that's more trancendent and where I receive Jesus in to most Real way possible--in the Holy Eucharist.