Thursday, July 28, 2005

Busy day yesterday. Finished at a quarter to six. But those kids are finally gone, and the world is at peace again. Couldn't even go into town to get away from them; they found Mazvita, Patrick, and me at Starbucks Tuesday afternoon.

We had some good rain over the past few days. Even so, Larimer County is still under a week long fire ban.

I'm hoping to get back to IA next weekend for Caroline J. McSorley's wedding, but the schedule hasn't been posted yet, so I don't know that I get those days off as I requested.

Other exciting news: Went to Ed's and Kelly's Monday night, Boulder Tuesday night, and the BA last night. The Y's variety show is tonight, then it's to Ed's again to say farewell to Kevin from laundry. So thus far, I've been out every night this week. This sounds like I'm an alcoholic. And I am.

Speaking of labeling, I've decided that "driver" is not auspicious enough for what I do, so from now on I've requested that I be refered to as "The Minister of Transportation."