Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Slow day at work; done at noon. I'm taking the afternoon to pack for the weekend and that.

Dave-o and I had our days off coincide for the first time Monday. We went into the Park that afternoon and scrambled up the Alluvial Fan. A couple miles up we came across the Lawn Lake trail and decided to continue on. It was just a little farther than we thought (by about four miles), but we made it to Lawn Lake, where in 1982 the earthen dam broke and sent millions of gallons of water down Roaring River, ripping out lodgepole and ponderosa, carrying boulders like pebbles, gutting the valley, taking several campers' lives, and flooding Estes Park.

All along the way we came across rescue teams searching for a park ranger, Jeff Christensen, who has been missing since last Friday morning. He'd last been seen at the Chapin Pass trailhead, which he was going to hike doing routine permit checks.

It's looking pretty grim, so keep him in your prayers.