Sunday, July 03, 2005

Hmm, where to begin?

Played the Y's putt-putt golf course Monday with Roommate David, Mississippi Chris, and Louisiana Lucas. The losers had to buy the winner ice cream at the Malt Shop. Lucas won, but not by much. We get a lot of comment cards that suggest that the course be improved; now with my firsthand experience, I concur.

Did the BA thing Wednesday (that's Bowling Alley, for all you non-staff). The theme was "pairs;" and the best was the couple who went at "Faith" and "Tax Deduction" (The Y has added "Faith" to its Core Values and emphasized prayer cards on beds and the Gideon Bibles so as to be elligible for a major tax write-off). Also ran into Tina, Housekeeping Office Manager, who was freaking out because she didn't know it was Y night and had come wearing maternity overalls even though she's not pregnant.

However, despite all this, it was kinda lame, to paraphrase Liza. Plus they've raised their prices (of booze at least; not sure about bowling), so the BA boycott begins. This Wednesday's festivities move to Ed's Cantina.

Received a package on Friday afternoon. It weighed 22 lbs and had a "Caution: Contains liquid" sticker plastered on it. At first I thought it was the package that Luke had told me he was sending, but I was still befuddled. When I got it open, I found a note written on Cheerwine stationary: Happy Birthday, Seth! Enjoy, and share with your friends. Love, Mom and Dad. Included were two 12-packs of Cheerwine and a Cheerwine t-shirt. I KNOW HOW JEALOUS YOU ARE--IT IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

I took a can to dinner that night and Lucas' eyes grew wide. "Where'd you get da Cheerwine?" he asked in Cajun-talk. They don't have it in Louisiana, but he'd been to North Carolina once, where it is made, and found it at a Wendy's there (one more reason why Wendy's is the greatest).

Also went to the Malt Shop Friday night. That's twice in five days. FAT!

The famous YMCA of the Rockies Fourth of July parade is tomorrow morning. Housekeeping is sporting a float this year, which we had not done the last time I was out. Things should be fairly patriotic.

As for Tuesday, the Blessed and Joyous Day of My Birth Twenty-Four Years Ago, there are no plans, other than the Annual Smoking of a Fine Cigar.