Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I talked with Nennig Sunday afternoon, telling her about my new Romanian roommates and all the other internationals that are here at the Y. She said that it must be a very exciting and cultured place. Let me say that it is not.

I don't mind working with the internationals. They're good workers; and having conversations while making beds is a good amount of time to get to know them. Living with them, however, is unbearable.

The dorms stink, there's always bad music blaring, you're hit with a cloud of cigarette smoke when you walk onto the porch. When they talk to each other, it's always in a yell, and somehow it's extra annoying since it's not in English. It's mostly the Romanians, but some of the others are just as bad, including the whiny, pouty Russian and Ukrainian girls.

It's unfair to characterized only Americans as loud, annoying, and rude. In my limited experience, the rest of the world is right on par with us.

Since the staff rec hall's been closed thanks to some internationals trashing it, I went over to the Halletts lobby last night for some peace and quiet. I was able to read in silence for a couple of hours since there's hardly anyone living there anymore. Then Chris and RA Ash showed up and we talked for a little bit until other people showed up to shatter the tranquility.

I can't find a place off grounds fast enough. And I'm pretty sure that I'm suffering any future time in purgatory right now by in Howard.