Saturday, August 27, 2005

Things have really quieted down here. Liza left on Thursday; the Navigators leave this coming week. So does German Werner (who everone calls V). Work has been slow: got off early the past three days and next week will be about the same, what with the huge group of Buddists coming. The Pondo is reopening for staff to accommodate the influx. That, and someone said that the Buddists eat in silence. It's so slow that I have tomorrow off, which means I'll actually get to go to Mass on the Lord's Day.

Took Thursday afternoon and went with V into town to look at apartments. We stopped at all the government subsidized ones, but the offices were closed so I couldn't pick up any applications or take tours. V said they don't have apartment complexes in Germany; at least they're not as prevalent as here.

Went to Mary's Lake Lodge that night with Chris, V, and Janitorial Nick for some live music and beverages. Then to Ed's for flip night, where I ran into Josh, one of my roommates from two years ago. But we didn't really get to talk.

However, I have learned that he is part of some serious Y drama that transpired yesterday. I don't know all the details so I will refrain from reporting any more until things play out. You'll just have to wait for it, along with the story about my run-in with the National Park Service.

Wait for it.... Wait for it....