Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yeah, my day off and not doing much. Have been having problems with the internet connection at the Y for the past few days so now I'm at the library in Estes. Will be headed to the Big City of Loveland in a little bit for errands.

Then back for RCIA at 7PM. I was invited by Alvin from B&G and his wife Johnnie from Laundry, who have been going for a few years as it is billed as adult education as well as formation for those interested in joining the Church. Anyway I figure it's about time I see how I can become involved at Our Lady, even if I don't really want to.

The apartment search continues, more promising than before, though it's bearing tiny, shriveled, tasteless fruit, something like crabapples. Yesterday I called the realtor I had spoken last Tuesday about viewing a place. She flat out told me, "I haven't done anything yet."

She's been waiting on the guy who's currently living there to call her back with a time we can go look. He hasn't called yet. I tried to light a fire under the realtor so that maybe she'd pass it on.

The place is on the lower level of a house, has its own entrance, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living and dining space. Five hundred dollars a month, utilities included. Its on a dirt road off Riverside about a block from the Brewery, which might be interesting in the winter.

Not sure yet if it's the place for me. Either way, I hope to see it by the end of the week.