Sunday, September 18, 2005

You'll be happy to know that my shift key has miraculously unstuck itself.

Thought I would update on all the Y drama:

First the story to which I had referred in an earlier post. I was hanging out with some people at Ed's one Thursday night, including Josh, one of my roommates from my first summer here. It was his birthday, and after having been there for awhile, he, lifeguard Brian, and weight room Ashley head off to the liquor store in order to continue things in Ashley's room.

The next day, thanks to trouble with the Romanians drinking in the dorms, the international coordinator and an RA searched all the rooms in Hague, looking for alcohol. They found some in Ashley's room. Josh claimed all of it as his, and was immediately fired according to the Y's zero tolerance policy regarding on grounds alcohol possession.

Last week, Flaming Joe (my name for him, as I have never met a man gayer than he, homosexually speaking) was fired from food service for sleeping on the job. Boy, if we fired everone who slept on the job in Housekeeping, there'd be a lot less Romanians around.

Crew leader Tim, who's not necessarily the brightest crayon (once asking Mazvita if they wore clothes in Zimbabwe), accidentally drove over a couple boulders in a van, last Monday. Then he called Tina to say that the van's radiator was leaking. Turns out that he'd more or less ripped the whole radiator out and torn up the underside of the van. He had to take a drug test, but no IQ test.

RA Ash's mom and brother are coming from New Zealand to visit the first week of October. He'd asked Resident Director Joe back in April if he could have the time off and reminded him several times since. Today Joe emailed Ash, letting him know that he might not get the time off because the other RA, the HR director, the international coordinator, and Joe himself may all be gone that week.  Ash is livid and threatening to quit if he doesn't get the time off.

There's never a dull moment here.